Keyboard/button folder navigation support

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Keyboard/button folder navigation support

Post by headfone » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:29 pm


I'm using Neutron in my car and I have my 600GB of music collection with me on the go....
While I do use the search function, I really need sometimes to manually navigate the folders. For safety, I'm using an external bluetooth remote on the steering wheel. I"m already able to control basic media functions but UI navigation is really needed.
Any chance to add a simple support for DPAD key events to navigate in through the folders and the UI menus?
The DPAD_UP/DPAD_DOWN events already work in the menus and when selections are made, but not everywhere. LEFT/RIGHT DPAD events are not supported at all....this will be really really great to add for remote control.

Thank you!

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