Very basic needs

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Very basic needs

Post by Sergiogio » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:45 pm

Hi, I think there are a few things which seems pretty basic to me, and are missing. I miss them a lot!
1) MANUAL!!!!!!!!!! The fact that this is the best sounding Player should not make of it an elitarian player for audiophiles. The UI does not appeal many people, which choose Poweramp although they can perceive a better Sound in Neutron.
This is a pity and I would try to improve the UI but, 4) at least a MANUAL, please, to help normal people understanding what are the settings for, how to set them, when, why, why not....
2) 5 Bands EQ! 4 are really way too few... Imo, of course. And, presets could be a cool idea, so that people who want something fast, can have it.
You could offer the possibility for people to share their settings in a way that they are accessible through the app, not just here when somebody write them in the Forum.
So people would interact more through the app, faster, funnier, and the less experts can just quickly try eq settings created by the mor experts and by the developer.
3) Long Click on a Folder MUST offer a "Play now!" option! This is very basic. Please if I am missing something correct me.


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