SOLVED How to activate Neutron's internal FTP server?

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SOLVED How to activate Neutron's internal FTP server?

Post by regulus » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:08 pm

Q: How to transfer files to Neutron over the local network?

A: You need to activate Neutron's internal FTP server and attach it to one of the existing source entries: settings -> Network -> FTP -> select source entry which will be managed by the FTP server. You will notice that IP address, generated username and password will be updated. On another device use any FTP client -> enter IP, username and password -> manage files via FTP client. Neutron will auto-refresh source entry if it is modified via FTP and has the Refresh button switched on.
How do I activate activate Neutron's internal FTP server?

I checked settings in Neutron 2.11.1 (FiiO X7 mark II, the latest firmware installed) - but there's no Network entry, so it need some help here (assuming FTP server functionality is still there in the latest Neutron version, as per above Q&A).

It's not critical, certainly I can use some other FTP server, but if FTP server is really there somewhere in Neutron, it would be even better.

UPDATE: I just found and enabled Network: Settings—User Inteface—Optional Settings—Network (enable/disable)

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