64-bit Neutron version and Playbook

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64-bit Neutron version and Playbook

Post by Vincent5 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:28 pm

Using my BB Playbook as a music server.
When I select 64 bit, there is a clicking sound in the centre left channel when only the bass is being played on Miles Davis' So What. Deselecting 64 bit it goes away. There then may be more background hiss, but no clicking.
(output through 3.5mm audio jack)
Is the 64 bit function compatible with the playbook?

Just learned it is possible to output by "LPCM" wirelessly to my stereo receiver. There is no clicking sound when 64 bit is selected with this method.
As I'm using FLAC files, what is the best output configuration for high fidelity (LPCM or FLAC; 16 or blank)?
Is there a wired possibility to connect the Playbook to the digital input of the stereo ( single RCA or optical)

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