DLNA problem: Neutron vs. Chord Poly/Mojo

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DLNA problem: Neutron vs. Chord Poly/Mojo

Post by Superpong » Wed Nov 15, 2017 5:41 am


Is there anybody using Neutron with Chord Poly+Chord Mojo ?
I store all music files on my iPhone 6S and use Neutron to play those files with Chord Mojo (USB DAC).
Recently I add Chord Poly and store all music files at Micro SD installed at Chord Poly.
Then I would like Neutron to become just UI or just remote control.

Via DLNA/UPNP, Neutron can see music files at Chord Poly/Mojo, however when I play these files, the audio signal is output to my iPhone 6S rather than to Chord Poly/Mojo. I try to set the output to DLNA but it does not work.

Any advise please?

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Re: DLNA problem: Neutron vs. Chord Poly/Mojo

Post by mk3k » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:07 pm

by me the same,
i have to use 8player, strange handling / gui but it works...

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Re: DLNA problem: Neutron vs. Chord Poly/Mojo

Post by TomTomneutroner85 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 1:34 pm

I read this post here in 2017, and then let it rest instead of trying it out for myself at least ... i wood head. Anyway, I finally tried it yesterday evening (2019) and it works (home-wlan). But i have no idea if it works so well over smartphone-hotspot or poly-hotspot.

No idea why it did not work for you back then, maybe because of the old poly firmware? I've been updating to version 2.0 for a couple of months now.

Tested with LG V30. LG V30 and Chord Poly logged in home wireless, good stable connection. It works without problems to stream music on sd-card in the smartphone to the poly and is forwarded to the mojo. The same applies to music on the sd card in poly = is easily forwarded from the poly to the mojo.

Common music in mp3, flac etc. from (and 32khz) 44 khz up to and including 352 khz everything is eaten and played correctly.

If necessary, EQ and the other useful features of Neutron can also be used additionally. Fantastic.

---- ----
Output to Chord Poly: "Name-of-my-chord-poly" (Renderer)

Source: UPnP / DLNA - Chord Poly: "Name-of-my-chord-poly" (Server)
Windows Media Connect compatible (miniDLNA)
---- ----

well... at least almost everything except the exotics like dsd 64, 128, 256, (.dsf files) No idea if 384 khz, 705 khz and 768 khz works. Do not know about sacd.

This makes neutron even tastier for me now than it already was.

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