[WORKAROUND] Google Play purchased version - {Trial Expired}

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[WORKAROUND] Google Play purchased version - {Trial Expired}

Post by dmitrykos » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:57 pm

Google Play background service sometimes does not provide correct license status to Neutron (or other purchased app). Unfortunately it is old bug of Google Play which has not been yet fixed (users are still complaining about the issue).

Neutron is caching license reply if it was successful and will not try to check Google Play Store again unless it is reinstalled or updated.

Approach 1:

Uninstall Neutron (settings will persist because they are stored inside /NeutronMP folder which will not be auto-deleted) -> reboot device -> open Google Play Store -> access Neutron's page -> press Install and then Open from Google Play Store app. Normally it helps to resolve the problem.

Approach 2:

Some users found out that it is possible to overcome this problem by downloading and installing Neutron's APK manually from Neutron's web site from this section:
http://neutronmp.com/downloads/category ... droid.html

Try downloading suitable APK (NeutronMP.apk is universal for all devices) for your device platform (NEON version for 32-bit ARM CPU, or ARM64 for 64-bit ARM CPU, or x86 for Intel CPU), uninstall installed version and install downloaded APK. Make sure in OS settings option 'Unknown Sources' is activated, or any other setting which allows manual installation of downloaded APK. Some built in file managers fail to start installation but ES File Explorer works always.

Also make sure that purchase really happened and you got to the e-mail from Google the e-mail with purchase confirmation which also includes Order Id. If you do not have such e-mail from Google and absolutely sure that money were taken by Google for the purchase (and never returned back from Google in case of purchase cancellation) then you need to try contacting Google Play's technical support.

If problem persists please contact Neutron's support by e-mail and report your Google Play account along with Order Id of the purchase.


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