[AVRCP][CAR][Metadata] Car receiver not refreshing song info

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[AVRCP][CAR][Metadata] Car receiver not refreshing song info

Postby irrationallikepi » Mon May 04, 2015 2:24 am


I already had a related post about a metadata issue I'm seeing. Perhaps my question was confusing / overloaded, but I was ignored. So hopefully if I rephrase this more simply someone can help me out.

I'm convinced that we won't be able to send album art to our in car receiver outside of Pandora so not going to ask anymore about that :) I don't know what Pandora does differently but moving on...

With stock Kit Kat / Lollipop on Galaxy Note 4, whenever I change the Neutron song in my car, my in car bluetooth receiver shows the current song info on display just fine. However for CyanogenMod ROMS 11 (kit kat), 12 (Android 5.0) or 12.1 (Android 5.1.1), only the first song shows accurately. Changing the song will not update display.

If I change the mode on my car kit (say, go to CD player) and come back, the current song is refreshed. But again, staying on bluetooth mode if I change to next song, car info doesn't get refreshed.

I've tried one thing too. Start playing Neutron before my car syncs over bluetooth to my phone. Same issue. Right now I do not have this issue with Poweramp, doubletwist player, Jetaudio, other players...Neutron is my favorite music app but really would like this feature to work.

Dmitry, is there limited support for Cyanogenmod (AOSP roms)?

Any idea?

Thank you
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Re: [AVRCP][CAR][Metadata] Car receiver not refreshing song

Postby IAmLostForWords » Tue Aug 18, 2015 2:04 pm

Hi there, I can confirm this behaviour for current Neutron MP in a current VW Passat with Discover Media & Bluetooth Comfort. Both Poweramp, BubbleUPNP, Google Music etc. do not have that issue. I deinstalled all other Music apps to test.
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