Want Real World Solutions for Resolving Poor Franchisor Fran

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Want Real World Solutions for Resolving Poor Franchisor Fran

Postby jitendrasb1 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:20 am

If you’re a franchisor dealing with relationship issues we can help. We believe in a logical process of examining root causes of failure and finding both common ground and practical solutions. But first there must be an environment for stress free discussion. That’s part of the process. Our goal is to first stop the bleeding and start a recovery. Don’t give up the ship where logic and a good plan might wright the ship.
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If you’re an unhappy franchisee or group of franchisees, there’s hope. Litigation is always an option, and you’ve probably thought about that. However, litigation is also an expensive option that, if pursued, will most likely break the relationship completely. There are other options that can mend fences and possibly revive your investment. Think about what you’ve just read. If you could build a communications bridge to your franchisor, would that make more sense than jumping into litigation?
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