truncation of "Comment" tag content in audio files metadata displaydisplay

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truncation of "Comment" tag content in audio files metadata displaydisplay

Post by jlt1947 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:08 am

Thank you for your wonderful Neutron app, which I am fieldtesting in a NAS + USB DAC environment on my Huawei tablet. :D :o

Contrary to UAPP, you seem to process remote databases and store metadata locally, which I think is a better option. 8-)
My problem is that I store a lot of text info in the "Comment" tag field of my FLACs (+ a few MP3s as well) and , although you display them with the proper layout (indent tabs, carriage returns RTF format), they seem to be truncated after about one page (20 lines to be exact) - yet your display contains one or several full blank page after truncation (actually the exact size of the remaining/missing Comment text), until you show the next tags: Folder, Filename, Track Duration......
Can this be corrected ? I understand my Comment tags may be abnormally long sometimes, but you seem to "reserve" all the space necessary for them yet the text is missing after about 20 lines. Is this a Neutron glitch or some UPNP software limitation ?
Please advise, thank you for your interest.
Best regards
Paris, FR

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