automatically shutdown after approx. 15 minutes

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automatically shutdown after approx. 15 minutes

Postby wavestar » Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:21 pm

I have a Fiio X5 III and use the Neutron Player since some months.

Since 1 week I have a problem. After I playback my albums the player shutdown after approx. 15 minutes. I must restart Neutron again, and than the playback starts again without any problems. After the next 15 minutes the same problem.
I have also installed the Teac HR player, and have no problems with the playback. The whole album will playback without any automatically shutdowns.
I don't have installed any new apps, and I also use since 6 months thelast firmware update from Fiio.
So I think I must activated or de-activated any setting in the Neutron app, but I can't find the right setting.
Have anyone an idea, because I like the Neutron player, and it play perfect on my Fiio
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