Mutiple issues related to Webdav playback support

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Mutiple issues related to Webdav playback support

Postby alter4 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:13 pm

My first sentence is full of respects for such great product you made! By the way I would like to report several issues that I faced during using Neutron as player for my webdav endpoint.

1) Issue related multiple directories selection in webdav source. Imagine the following folders structure:

I added root to library as webdav source, and selected "B" and "D" folders to add by red dots. Later I would like to change directory selection by settings long tap and add (select) "A" folder to "B" and "D". But I cannot do it, I see empty page instead of root folder content.

2) Folder (album) artworks are not cached and neutron slow rereads this every start consuming mobile traffic and make my music full of interpretations when connection is slow. Is the any option to turn off artwork for network sources?

3) Sometimes neutron can drop current track and switch to the next even when connection is good (on home WIFI ~40Mbit speed according to

4) 10 or 11 times I faced issue when current folder list became to be something like semitransparent lock overlay over "expected" window content. I cannot provide certain step to reproduce, when neutron scan a webdav folder start to press buttons on neutron top panel fast and the issue might be reproduced. It might be due to some race condition error in code, I don't know. See a record when it happens

My device is Xiaomi Redmi 4 prime global version, Android 6.0.1
Neutron 2.05.3 that I bought on play market.
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Re: Mutiple issues related to Webdav playback support

Postby KenGauthier » Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:42 pm

This is actually derived from the hypertext transfer protocol. It is an extension of this http. It is used to change the content of the data.When I tried to enter data in papersgear review writing services I visit this problem. I think the main issues related to this are it suddenly stops working while we are writing or while entering the data I think this is the mean for which we face.
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