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New to Neutron player/ Bug report?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:11 pm
by Onlyafrika
Today I started using Neutron player, and first impression is fairly good, allthough I'm experiencing some bugs I can't explain.
First of all, I have 21 artists as for now, but Neutron are listing 22. For some reason, Neutron has created an artist from a track from one of the albums, which are listed correctly under the artist, and all track's present. The track is originally A Merry Go Round, but is now presented as A Merry (artist) Go (album title) containing one track.
Second, one album is listed as four albums, allthough the file contents Main folder/Sub folder/all track's + 1 .jpg Album cover.
Third case, which is solved: An artist were listed only by album title, but when I created a Main folder with artist name, it is listed as it is supposed to.
Last problem: One artist is listed as Unknown artist, even after I created a main folder with artist name.
Any ideas?