Fiio X5 3rd

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Fiio X5 3rd

Postby Mi.Rog » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:06 am

I have Fiio X5 3rd and I am using mainly Neutron. The Fiio native music player is a crap.

I have question: what actually does that mean: "Dedicated Hi-Res Audio support for selected DAPs (>= 24-bit, <= 384 kHz):
(....) Fiio: X5 (32-bit, <= 384 kHz)"

How to set up Neutron to use full power of Fiio hardware w/o down/resampling files?

I would be very thankful for someone's deep explanation.

Another question: can I output music to USB? On what condition? At what settings? In my new car (Opel Astra w/Navi Intellilink) I don't have aux in, only USB and BT. BT works, but I wonder if I can make any use of USB input...

I wouldn't ask that questions if there was Neutron Manual. This is very confusing not havin one. This is very comlex product and this is not free - I have paid for it.

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