[TIP] Hi-Res Audio for dedicated DAPs

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Re: [TIP] Hi-Res Audio for dedicated DAPs

Postby zenmastering » Fri Dec 22, 2017 3:28 am

FLiNT wrote:Any news regarding "native" DSD support for recent FiiO devices like X7 Mk. II? In the most recent (Play Store) build of Neutron it still has to be converted to 176 kHz PCM, but somebody metioned that this issue might be fixed in the near future on Just Hifi and/or Head-Fi.

+1 Request from me, too. The current version of Neutron seems to work well (in PCM) with the Fiio X7 MkII. DSD, however, seems to cause some issues. When I play a DSD track (64fs, DSF) the interface says '44100'. If I turn 'DSD over DoP' on and off, the interface will now report a sample rate of 176400. Enabling the 'DSD over DoP' setting causes white noise mixed with desired signal at the audio output.

It's a wonderful thing to be able to use the Neutron interface on the Fiio...Fiio's own app is just plain awful, both GUI and reliability-wise.


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Re: [TIP] Hi-Res Audio for dedicated DAPs

Postby FLiNT » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:08 pm

So the latest build comes with a "Native DSD" option (activated by default), and its description says: "Use native DSD format instead of DoP for output up to DSD512"

What I find confusing is that it is "hidden" inside "DSD, DSD over PCM (DoP)". Does this mean that it only works if you also activate "DSD, DSD over PCM (DoP)" under "Audio Hardware" (which still results in white noise on my FiiO X7MkII)?

It would be nice to know what exactly the following combinations of settings send to the DAC (native DSD stream, DoP, PCM conversion):
"DSD, DSD over PCM (DoP)": ON + "Native DSD": ON = ?
"DSD, DSD over PCM (DoP)": OFF + "Native DSD": ON = ?
"DSD, DSD over PCM (DoP)": ON + "Native DSD": OFF = ?
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Re: [TIP] Hi-Res Audio for dedicated DAPs

Postby yaslam » Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:53 am

Neutron does not yet support DSD native playback on FiiO DAPs.
(Neither DoP nor Native DSD options are available)
Currently dmitrykos works with FiiO engineers to implement DSD native playback. But I think it will take some time.
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