Obersvation on Galaxy Nexus

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Obersvation on Galaxy Nexus

Postby Dr Tone » Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:58 pm

The Galaxy Nexus has a certain amount of headphone amp hiss. This is all fine and sounds like supercurio will be addressing by implementing a method to control the headphone volume level instead of having the amp cranked and doing the digital volume control.


What concerns me with Neutron is that the hiss is constant after stopping playback, only by killing Neutron does the hiss go away. The stock player and poweramp both time the audio engine out after a few seconds when stopping playback, and the hiss stops confirming this.

Why is Neutron not doing something similar? If not, I'm concerned about extra battery drain when not actually listening to music.
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Re: Obersvation on Galaxy Nexus

Postby dmitrykos » Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:57 am

This is about how audio API is used by players. Neutron has own rendering core and it is a bit different from how it work with Android audio API. when Neutron is playing and then stopped for about 5 minutes it will still be outputing audio to OS. This is done to avoid recreating system audio objects when you play/stop/change tracks. That is why if you press STOP then you still hear that audio data is being feeded. If you wait 5 minutes, system audio object will be killed.

Other players create system audio objects for each new track and thus you do not hear that audio outputs when you press STOP on them.

> extra battery drain

Just 5 minutes and without additional rendering, during this period CPU is consumed with much less % and battery won't be affected.
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